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There has been a lot of discussion about PPE and “securing” the Supply Chain. I’ve realized, most people don’t know what that even means. And, as importantly, how it can’t just be done overnight. So, I’m sharing my own insights on how to look at this problem. The Supply Chain should be viewed in three components. 1- Existing US Suppliers (3 types) i. US Domestic- Onshore production ii. US Domestic- Offshore production- Meaning US-owned companies but producing overseas; less supply chain control if not domestic, longer ship times, susceptible to customs and country shutdowns.) 2- Emergency Suppliers i. US companies that “could” be retooled or repurposed, but it’s not their primary business. Could be called on in Emergency- This GM, Tesla, etc. who switched to produced needed items. 3- Foreign-Owned but approved. Preference to USMCA Vendors- Meaning Mexico and Canada producers, with whom we have a better relationship with. 4- Existing Supplier Inventory (US-based assets). i. These are items that exist around the country, that if “needed” could be idle, available, and redeployed. ii. This is also potentially quicker, cheaper, and safer than some of the above. Here’s a video to explain it better. 

June 2024
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