Month: December 2019

When you go to your Doctor for your annual physical- and he recommends you “need more fiber in your diet”- do I take that as a vitamin suggestion for health…or a medical recommendation for age?  Hmmm.. 

Is anyone else confused by this headline?  My head’s spinning trying to follow it. “Transgender man gives birth to non-binary partner’s baby with female sperm donor” –  

Scary Stuff!!  I actually saw this on the new.  Had no idea it was a friend of mine that was bitten.  @adamcoons -Glad you are ok!!    California Surfer Recounts Terrifying Shark Attack | The Weather Channel 

Is this a case of letting the Fox in the Hen House?  What will be determined as a crime? Criticizing the Gov’t? How about Election meddling? UN approves Russian-sponsored, China-backed bid on new cybercrime convention | South China Morning Post  

This is always a good argument for the validity of Bitcoin (BTC) as a finite measure of value.  Unlike Fiat currency (which can be printed at will), Bitcoin has a total amount–which limits supply, and “should” increase value.