Month: March 2020

Yep-This is me.  Every season I develop a minor cough (more of a tickle in my throat than an actual cold).  It has me worried each time I clear my throat. Even worse–not playing soccer for a month now; I have some labored breathing from being out of shape

Thought for the day: There should be a near definition for DNR (Do not Resuscitate). All these idiots at the Birthday party with their kids should be put on a list and when they get sick–They get a DNR-which stands for Do not RESPOND! Sorry, not helping.

My Pro Biz Tip for the day:  Do a 2 minute “About Me” video. As we are all doing more conference calls now, there is a lot of time spent on “introductions” during the call.  And, most people drone on and on. Create the video and send in advance of call. 

This article is typical of the BS side of how Gov’t. works.  It does a great job and shows how they almost always are “reactive” after the fact.  Money plays into planning, and there is usually some excuse as to why money gets spent and never executed.

My Thought for the day; Why is no in the Press harassing Joe Biden and asking him if he’s been tested yet? He coughs (in his hand as well), every time he’s doing an interview.

Very interesting video a friend of mine sent me.  He’s “IN” China, and the differences are striking.  Many of the things China is able to do in monitoring and tracking citizens, would be legally, technically, and practically impossible to implement here.

F!F!F!F!…I’m getting sucked into helping solve one of the Big Issues for the Corona Challenge. I’ve been down this road before. It SUCKS!!! But, I have something that will help save lives, so probably have to do it. (ps- Thank you for letting me vent.)

A little levity for this day. This is what life’s going to be like when we clear the “Safer-at-Home” protocol and are finally able to go out! 

Thought for the Day;  Social distancing and lockdowns will never work.  It’s a constant hamster wheel of potential infections every time you go out.  Rapid testing (like just approved by Abbott Labs), and then medication and quarantine (again like strep). 

This is a good step for Malta. It shows they are still enthusiastic about Crypto and Blockchain. But, also serious about restrictions and regulation. Learning from their prior mistakes, they are looking to provide a great platform moving forward.