Month: May 2020

I’m watching the organized riots and looting going on around the country (No, these are not protests).  But, I’m just curious which Social Platforms are allowing this anarchy to be organized?  If you want to start censoring speech and be the arbiter of “truth”, does that include not include law and order?

Crypto Currencies are more Penny Stock thank “currency”.

Look at the headline!! 250%!!!! Woo Hoo!!! Except. This “crypto” went from $.50 to almost $2.00. That’s Penny Stock type movements. I wonder if the author- Billy Bambrough- bought in before the posting of his article? Why? The headline looks like a classic “Pump and Dump” type Press Release. If you’re investing in Crypto, remember …

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Are companies “VirusWashing” in creating new products?

Have you heard the term “GreenWashing”? That is where every company jumped on the green movement as a way to sell products. I think the “VirusWashing” is coming. More companies are creating products to capitalize on the Corona Virus.  At least this time around though, is seems some monies also go to charities. Just waiting …

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Goldman said what? Bitcoin (BTC) is “not” an asset class? No earnings, no cashflow, no employees. Huh? But neither does Gold? BTC is an asset like Gold, not a stock. GS is totally missing the point. Or, perhaps they are secretly buying in the background?  

Are you using Zoom for conference calls still? Do you know some of the tips and tricks? Want to change your profile photo and not sit in front of camera?  Use videos? Lighting with a selfie-circle? Here’s one of my “BullsEye Guy” shortcasts sharing all. 

Could there by ANY more “passing the buck” in this article?  Gov. Cuomo wanted to take full credit, and now just seems to be passing blame?  Perhaps it’s the way the article was written?  No clear answers in here about who is coming in? Temperature checks are basically worthless since most people are asymptomatic? Plus, …

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There has been a lot of discussion about PPE and “securing” the Supply Chain. I’ve realized, most people don’t know what that even means. And, as importantly, how it can’t just be done overnight. So, I’m sharing my own insights on how to look at this problem. The Supply Chain should be viewed in three …

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