Month: July 2020

Great art installation from Alexa Meade. Her work really “comes alive”. If you look at the photos, they don’t look real. The rooms, you can actually become a part of. You have to watch the videos to see the Master at work and the piano subjects come to life.  

Just thought I would share this Shortcast again. It’s saddening and maddening to watch the proliferation of Social Media and how it’s tearing apart the fabric of society. The meme’s (some funny, some fake, some false, and some plain frightening), and the barrage of COVID/MASKS/CHINA/TRUMP/BLM stories often seem designed to just create conflict. 

Thought for the day: I see a lot of hate and “blame” going to supposed Trump Supporters, or “ignorant” people for not wearing the masks. Just curious–where is the “blame” for the tens of thousands of protesters who were out in force for two weeks? Asking for a friend.

Interesting reading…for anyone interested in Supply Chain! haha. Good report from SAP. From the findings, “top strategic goals overwhelmingly ranked “using automation to perform routine tasks”. With MonetaPro, we are focused on helping CFO’s make and save money.   @SAP @IBM  #SupplyChain