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What makes a good conference? CGI would know.

I had the privilege recently to attend the CGI event in New York.

This is the Clinton Global Initiative, which was the brain child of a longtime associate of President Bill Clinton.

I’ve attended conferences all over the world; as an attendee, participant, and panelists, and CGI is truly unique.

What makes this conference special? The core value and differentiator of “commitments”.

Many other conferences are what I call “pontification” panels. This is where people get to be on stage and pontificate or wax poetic about what they are most passionate about.

Not to say these aren’t often brilliant people with fascinating ideas, companies, or projects, however……there is more often than not NO way to get involved and make a difference.

This leads to the brilliance of CGI. Each member is required to make a “commitment”.

This is an action, step, input, throughput, program, or some sort of trackable, actionable, and accountable activity.

That singular difference creates a culture at CGI of influencers and the highest levels of companies, countries, and concepts, truly aligned in trying to make a difference.

The ability and opportunity to interact with such high level thinkers and doers was truly a memorable experience and privilege.

To all who attended, keep up the great work.

July 2024
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