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Awareness builds Apathy; Action brings Achievement

I’m consistently more frustrated with the numerous organizations who state their goal is to “raise awareness” around an issue.

I can realize there are many great causes the need a light shone on them. However, when does the point of awareness lead to apathy?

There are many issues I am now aware of. This is even more prescient with my recent foray into the environmental space (yes, I am green in green).

It was a scant 15 months ago that I created the idea for our latest company. As I’ve delved deeper into this space, there seems to be great excitement.

There are organizations like Charity Water (with wells in Africa), and trips to Plasticki Island, and even great artists like Chris Jordan (who does incredible pieces of art based on excesses).

While I don’t personally feel the urge to travel to Africa, or view plastic in the oceans, I still want to contribute.

I want to take an action that I feel, in some small way, makes a difference. Indeed I want to do my part.

What is that “action”? What one thing can I do as an individual that might contribute?

See, to me, the more “aware” I became of problems, the more “action” I wanted to take to help.

However, with many causes, as I became aware, I realized there wasn’t really an action I could take to contribute.

True, I could have given money to an issue, but to me, that’s not an “action”, that’s a contrition.

Apathy tends to build up over time when you become aware of an issue, and then realize there is no action you can take to impact it.

At some point, your mind will just move on. The way our psychology works, is the brain does more to “avoid” pain, then to “gain” pleasure.

When the pain of awareness with no action becomes greater than the pleasure of action or accomplishment, your subconscious will just find something else to focus on.

Why do I bring this up?

I feel there should be a call to action for many initiatives-both NOW, and in the future.

With Action comes Achievement. With Action comes Accomplishment. With Action comes….Awareness.

In my opinion, having an action with a real, measurable impact, whether that is planting a tree, flushing a toilet, or using metal water bottles, any action (especially taken in context of a large quantity of people) can contribute to a cause.

Indeed, Action brings Achievement.

What is your Action?

What goals and achievement targets do you have?

What can you do….that makes a difference?

June 2024
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