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Bill Gates toilet obsession won’t make a difference in our lifetime

It’s been reported on many occasions that the Gates Foundation has created a fund for the “next generation” toilet. Of course, this seems noble in concept and principal.

Not an article recently published regarding this;

As I see it, here’s the problem.

Even if….and that’s a big “IF” there were some great new technology invented, it would be difficult for million or tens of millions of toilets to be replaced in our lifetimes.

The biggest waste of water currently is flushing the toilet. From an environmental impact this results in almost 2 Trillion gallons of water per year. The resultant electricity needed to treat and transport the water (which we just flush away) is almost 166 Million kilowatts. This means as well there are almost 73 Billion Tons of pollution matter released into the atmosphere. The CO2 causes environmental issues, asthma, and more.

Additionally, there are over $10 Billion dollars spent on the simple act of flushing the toilet.

So, how do you make an immediate impact on this issue? Find a way to reduce water consumption from the existing toilet.

That is where the Company- My WetRock comes in. It has developed a simple device (The DropBox) which fits in the tank of a toilet and proved an instant displacement of ½ gallon of water.

Considering there are over 220 Million toilets with 3.5 Gallon per flush tanks, there is a need for an instant “retrofit” device. With millions of toilets, one simple device could easily make a tremendous environmental difference.

June 2024
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