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Don’t have $15,000 to invest in Bitcoin? No worries. Bitcoin i s Inclusive, NOT Exclusive. Bitcoin to $50,000? Who cares!

“It doesn’t matter what you start with, just start with something.”

If you’ve been paying attention lately, it would be hard not to miss the recent “arrival” of Bitcoin.

Arrival only in the sense of Bitcoin now being in the news and collective consciousness of many everyday people.

Indeed, Bitcoin has been on a meteoric rise in price, even in just the last 12 months going from $750 in early January 2017 to over $15,000 today (it briefly peaked at $18,000).

Now, what I often hear about investing in Bitcoin is two things.

  1. Doh! I missed it., and
  2. I DON’T HAVE $15,000! ☹

Well, fortunately for you, both are misnomers.

You haven’t missed it, AND you don’t need $15,000 to start.

Let’s start with the following scenario, which is actually a conversation I had with a friend of mine the other day who is a financial services “expert”.

She has years of training, studies of financial markets, fully certified and accredited, all of which makes her knowledgeable.

However, she is also highly exclusive as the minimum to work with her is $3Million.

That’s pretty exclusive.

But, it’s not just her. It the entire financial system that has been fully exclusive for a millennium.

Stock Brokers, Financial planners, even Banks have created minimums and thresholds which can knock out many interested people.

Imagine if you wanted to invest in the Stock Market. And imagine if your budget was $1,000. And, you wanted to buy Apple or Amazon stock.

You dutifully walk into a stock broker and proffer up your $1,000.

What would happen?

They would laugh you out of the office. You would most likely hear something like, “You can’t buy just ONE stock?! Hahaha.

Indeed, my particular financial services friend has a $3Million dollar minimum. Yes, you need $3MILLION to start!

That’s pretty exclusive.

Even trying to buy one stock might prove difficult as the price of both Amazon and Apple is over $1,000.

When you look at something as simple as banking, even that is considered “exclusive” in some parts of the word. Within the US, you need to keep a certain minimum amount in a banking account to keep it open.

That leads to a financial service exclusivity.

Enter Bitcoin. This is potentially the most “INCLUSIVE” financial instrument ever created.

I’m not going to tackle the merits, risk or uses of Bitcoin here as there is plenty of fodder out there for that.

What I will tackle, is the fact that you DON’T need $15,000 to buy a Bitcoin (or BTC is it’s known- which makes it a type of stock symbol).

Indeed, with BTC, you can buy ANY amount you want.

So, if you wanted to buy $1,000 or $100 of Bitcoin, you can!

It doesn’t take a “minimum”.

It’s not like a Stock where you have to buy the entire stock. You can’t buy “part” of a share of Amazon with your $1,000. Heck, you probably couldn’t even buy one share?

With Bitcoin, again, you can start with whatever amount you have available.

This means BTC opens up an entirely new class of investor. An investor that has been shut out of the exclusive world of financial services and financial returns.

What does that mean to an average —no, I’m not going to call this new person an average investor as they may have never been an investor before—this new potential investor has access to a financial instrument for investing.

Whether BTC is $15,000, or $50,000, or $1Million as some are predicting—it doesn’t matter the price.

Start with $10. Start with $100. It doesn’t matter what you start with, just start with something.

What matters is the fact you can invest in BTC no matter what it may rise to.

This is a fascinating premise, and one that truly unlocks trillions of dollars of global investment capital.

Further, when you look at the returns from BTC, they have been historic. (Actually, they have been unworldly as historic would be too light and kind for what the growth has been).

The good news? Whether you put in $1,000 or you put in $100,000, you still get the SAME rate of return.

That right, your return percentage on your investment is the same!

You’re playing with the big boys now!

Prior to the democratization (or decentralization as it’s called) of BTC, only a few select individuals who have the means and access to the financial community.

When was the last time you were offered early access for a HOT IPO? Never? And even if you were, the minimum was often $25,000 or more.

Bitcoin? Jump right in.

Don’t have $25,000? No worries. Have $25? Ok, get started.

This make the BTC rise both predictable, and potentially exponential.

Again, this is not an effort to overhype. It’s an attempt to put some clarity on why this asset could continue to rise.

You have a new class of investment people—indeed billions of people.

This could be Middle or Lower-Class citizen in America.

This could be citizens in other countries whose income and standard of living is much lower, and thus their financial means even less.

Heck, this even includes the bottom billion and unbanked—that varying swath of citizens that to date have had little access or opportunity to rise the financial ranks.

Yes, Bitcoin is the great equalizer!

So, bring on BTC at $50,000 or $500,000.

I hope so- but really, who cares if it goes to $5Million.

The good news is this.

None of that matters.

The better news? You haven’t missed it.

It doesn’t matter what you start with, just start with something.

Note: My next article may be on the miracle of “Dollar Cost Averaging” as I think that may be relevant and helpful to get people through the dips.

July 2024
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