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Happy Holidays and Special Gift Offer

To my friends who happen to read this blog, here is a special offer.

2011 has been a long year with many changes in the economy and the environment (both business and ecological).

Whether through business or social, as close friends or associates, or someone I may have met briefly along the way, this is my opportunity to say Thank You.

To that end, I’d like to extend a special gift offer from Giftarium and the Frank Worth Gallery.

If you haven’t seen his photography, it’s iconic, old Hollywood, and truly amazing. . His work reflects back to a moment when time seemed a little more simple, idealistic, or perhaps just plain fun.

I’ve selected nine of my favorites (see just a few of them below).

As my special gift offer, any one of them can be yours. Just use the link and code below and one of these gorgeous 12X18 lithographs will be sent directly to you.


Gift Code- SMB01HBLF

Each lithograph comes with a Certificate of Authenticity, is a $224 value, and gets delivered in a large protected envelope. Simply pay shipping and handling, and this unique item is yours. Framing is an option through the site as well.

Last, if you’re interested in this type of offer for your company as a corporate give away, or branding opportunity, I can introduce you to the CEO of the company to work a program with him directly.

Thanks again, and I hope you finish 2011 strong, and make 2012 a great year.

Stephen Meade

July 2024
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