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Interesting article on the power and pet

Interesting article on the power and petulance of Hillary. I’m not sure if even a scintilla of this is true—however, if even a portion is, what a light it shines on the history of Hillary.
All of which reminds me of a Hillary joke (feel free to use it liberally no matter which side of the political isle you’re on).
Here goes:
“One day Bill and Hillary went to Chicago so President Clinton to give a speech at Hillary’s old High School.
On the way out of town, while riding in the Presidential motorcade, they had to stop and get gas. While sitting there at the pump (no pun intended) Hillary starts looking out the window, staring.
Watching the Man who is pumping the gas and washing the windows, she continues to get visibly more excited. Finally, she rolls down the blackout tinted windows and yells, “Tommy? Tommy is that you?!?”.
With that she jumps out of the car and runs over to give the guy a big hug.
She continues to talk for a while before returning the car and climbing in the back seat.
At that point, President Clinton ask, “Whooo waaas that?”
Hillary pans, “THAT was my High School Sweetheart!”
Mr. Clinton looks over, taking in for a moment the guy standing there in greasy overalls having just filled up their limousine, and states (in his famous hillbilly accent), “Well aren’t you glad you married me, I’m the President”.
Hillary, without missing a beat, flatly retorts, “Well, if I had married him, HE would be President!”.”
And there you have it 

March 2023
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