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Is America succumbing to the “Crab Theory”?

Is America succumbing to the “Crab Theory”?

Are you familiar with the Crab Theory? It’s the idea that, if you put a single crab in a bucket, he will successfully escape.

However, if you put many crabs in that same bucket, any one that tried to escape will be pulled back down by the others stuck below it.

The single crab; trying to better himself; hoping to escape the depths of the bucket; trying to save himself; is left mired in the bucket with all the other crabs.

Is this what our country is falling prey to?

I think of this often, especially with the recent debates around tax increases. This is increasingly being called “class warfare”.

However, I think we are seeing it as well in so many other areas. I noticed it first in sports, but it could have started in any nook, crease or cranny.


All kids win an award or trophy

2- All kids get to play in the spirit of fairness

3- Standardized tests should not be standardized

4- You can’t discriminate against the unemployed

I particularly like the last one and the direction our country is heading. If the job of your company is to hire the “best” person available, that’s what you do.

However, you now have to take into effect every person you “don’t” hire as a potential law suit against you?

Nothing like being the “Tallest Midget”.

It also seems to exist in the ever present Unions of Organized Labor. It seems that an organization that is more concerned with Seniority, than success based Meritocracy, creates a system of Crabs.

It’s said in Unions for instance, that if a certain employee excels, no matter how exceptional their skills may be, there is a system of seniority based promotions?

Not knowing the full details of this, I don’t want to espouse too much, but that certainly seems like a system and program more set up to reward mediocrity.

In a world where hard work is supposed to be rewarded, we seem to be in a world where the harder you work; and more successful you are, the more people just want to pull you down.

I found myself recently in a conversation with someone who was on the bandwagon mantra of “tax the rich!”

While I understand this in theory, I found myself asking him a few simple questions.

First; “Did you realize that the number of millionaires, for possibly the first in our country’s history, has dropped in numbers?”

His response- Good!

Second, I asked him; “well, how have you benefited from all of this?”

He looked at me puzzled.

I pressed again; “You wanted the “rich”, or as I like to call them the “successful” to suffer, so great. It’s happening. How is that benefitting you? Are they giving you any of that money?”

This is not to say this is all about Money. I’ve often said, “Money makes you more of what you already are”.

If you’re insecure, you become more insecure.

If you’re an ass, you become a bigger one.

However, if you’re generous, you are able to so much more for so many more people.

If you have a big heart and want to help people, it is infinitely easier with the financial means to do so.

In that case, we should be a country that strives for others to succeed. We should hope for others to excel, to set standards, to raise the bar.

Indeed, I want a country that has more and more and more successful people. More millionaires, billionaires, and perhaps one day the first ever Trillionaire.

However, I hope that the majority of those people are the type that do more, give back, and want to make a difference.

Yes, in world full of crabs trying to pull you down in the bucket, I’m hoping for our country to become one that is trying to push people up.

What can you do to inspire someone? What example can you take? What responsibility?

It’s not up to others, it’s up to you.

Has your life improved by the demise of the wealthy?

May 2024
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