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Long before you are a Billion Dollar Company, you must….

To be a Billion dollar company, you must first think like one, and act like one, long before you are one.

I would like to relate a story- though not a true one- that is a metaphor for what is about to be written.

There was a woman working in a plant for $10 and hour when the owner approached her and asked a series of questions:

“Would you work overtime, for $30 an hour”, he asked?

“Of Course”, she replied.

“Would you work on Saturdays, and Sundays if needed, or stay late without being asked, or work on Holidays, if the case warranted it”?

“For $30 an hour”, “You bet!” She exclaimed.

Then, the boss asked, “would you do all of that, for $10 an hour”?

“No way”, was her quipped reply.

“Well, then you will never make $30 an hour”

Without going into further detail, the moral of the story is:

You must first “See”  yourself as a $30 an hour employee, before anyone else will see you as having that value.

Now, back to business.

All too often, companies look to shortcut their way to success.  They will do the smallest amount, put out an inferior product, rush to market, or not look to expand into new areas.

The question is: If you were a Billion dollar company, how would you make the decision?

In the area of growth, planning, acquisitions, alliances, and even Board members- the decisions of a Multi-Billion dollar company will probably be much different than your own.

How can you expect to grow and become the titan of industry, if you don’t first act like one.

This goes for ANY size company.

If you are just starting out- is your paperwork, funding documents, corporate papers, and structures set up for true growth?  Or are they haphazardly put together because you were cutting corners?

If you are a growing company- are you alliance and sales documents top notch?  Are the companies and executives you surrounded yourself with helping you for growth?  Is your team one that can take you to the next level, or drag you down?  Are you “hiring up!”, or are the people you surround yourself with too much like yourself?

What about having financial fortitude and strong managers?  Or are you surrounded with a bunch of “yes” men, who will just agree with you?

As you continue to grow, are you looking at creative ways for funding?  Are you looking at strategic acquisitions and growth strategies?

What- you don’t have the funding for that?  Again, would a Billion dollar company due everything with cash?  Does your stock have value?  Are there other values you have you can bring to the table?

Yes, you have to act like a big company, long before you are a big company, to become a big company.

June 2024
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