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My Top Ten observations from Dublin

1- It’s best to look to the right first when crossing the street as they drive on the other side of the road.

2- When walking down the stairs, remember point #1. Otherwise, you’ll wonder why everyone is coming up the wrong side of the stairs straight at you, when it’s actually you on the wrong side.

3- Speaking of driving and streets, there are no "street" signs in Dublin. They are actually "building" signs. That one took me a while as I kept looking for green street signs and finally realized the signs are all on the buildings.

4- Speaking of driving, if you see a 6 year old red headed kid sitting in the driver’s seat of a car- don’t panic. He’s actually in the passenger seat.

5- They love their color doors (I learned it was so you could find people).

6- Some doors are really old- 1492? Think about that.

7- Dubliner’s love their Beer.

8- But they REALLY love their Guinness.

9- Me, not so much on the beer. That tiny "dent" in the foam was my only sip- can’t stand beer.

10- There is no such thing as pink and green sheep…I think??

September 2023
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