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The use of Social Networking Tools

In an attempt to expand my online universe, I decided to upload a contact file into Facebook and use the friend finder.  After MANY unsuccessful attempt to just “upload” the file, I was finally successful.

A quick tip for anyone trying-

1- your file has to be a CSV

2- it can only contain the email field

3- it can’t be over 5,000 records.

This last point was painfully relevant as my database contains about 9,500 names.

After finally getting that figured out, the upload was complete.

The next step….selecting the “friends” I wanted to invite.

Unfortunately, here comes the vagrancies of a social network.  It is their job to GROW!!!  Facebook, LinkedIn, etc. are on a mission to have more people.

Thus, while trying to judiciously select the friend to invite, facebook notified me of my great “success”.

What was that success?  It has now sent out an invitation to EVERYONE in my contact list.

Not very clear or concise on how to invite friends.  And I believe it is done intentionally and insidiously.

So, for anyone who received my invite, and either wishes to decline, or doesn’t remember meeting me- I apologize and understand.

I’m now staring at a screen for LinkedIn think- what to do next?  I surely hope it is a more clear path to selection.

June 2024
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