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Wearing a Mask should be like wearing a Seat Belt.

Thought for the day: I believe wearing masks is like wearing a Seat Belt. I don’t wear it just for the 5% chance I may have a wreck, but for the 95% chance it’s the OTHER person who screws up.
If both parties are wearing a seat belt while driving, it protects all parties. The difference between a car wreck and COVID, is you know there is a wreck (and you slow down and watch). The COVID wreck may pass right by you, and you get hit and don’t even know it.
Here’s an interesting quote, at the Transportation Safety Association. If you read the full article and replace seat belt with “mask”, you can see the parallels.
“NHTSA won’t rest until seat belt use reaches 100 percent. So we’re again reminding Americans that preventing needless deaths on our roadways truly depends on individual action. Put yourself and your family’s safety first – by always buckling up.”

May 2024
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