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Working outside has it’s perks

I ran across a question recently about working outside or at coffee shops.

Can it be effective?  Why would you do it?  Do you even have an office? etc.

Well, here’s why I do.  I currently have a great office in West Hollywood, California, with double doors that open onto a patio, and situated directly over the world famous Sunset Strip.

However, most afternoons I can be found at a tremendous coffee shop called Café Primo.

This is a wonderful establishment with free wi-fi, outdoor seating, open windows, a friendly atmosphere.

I tend to schedule my meetings, or just conduct my business at this establishment.  The ability to sit outside, have a tremendous view, get people to come to me, and of course people watch, are all paramount opportunities.

However, it is what I call the “incidental” conversations that are most appealing.

The people, contacts, friends, and associates that have been created by striking up the most random conversation with the person sitting across from me is a constant amazement.

On any given afternoon there are celebrities (Jeremy Piven, Tawny Kitaen, Mark McGrath, Jason Stathom, and even the random Fabio or Ron Jeremy), athletes (Terrell Owens, any member of the Lakers), tourists, executives, lost souls, and any number of interesting people to talk to.

Indeed, an afternoon at this location is a primo people watching experience

I’ve often had people come up and joke, “so, is this your office?”, or even better, “what, do you live here?”.

My answer is usually to chuckle, point to the building three blocks away that houses my office, and say, “no actually, I prefer working outside in the afternoon, as I never know who I might run into, or who I would get the privilege to speak with.  If I were in my office, I wouldn’t be here to say hello to you”.

Yes, working outside indeed has it’s perks.

June 2024
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